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What's new in eQuoo

Updated: Jun 8, 2023

We're thrilled to announce a significant update to eQuoo, bringing a refreshing change to how our stories unfold. Say goodbye to the fixed path that previously guided your journey through our app. Instead, we are empowering our players with the freedom to choose their own stories and determine their own path. This exciting development stems from valuable feedback gathered from our focus groups.

By granting our players the freedom of choice, we have observed a remarkable increase in engagement. Users are now spending more extended periods of time immersed in the app, amplifying the clinical impact and enriching their life skills as they progress. This newfound freedom of play has proven to catalyse personal growth, inspiring our players to make the most of their eQuoo experience.

More genres

One major part of our update is the move away from a set path of going through the stories in an order pre-determined by us and instead, giving our players the freedom to choose the story they want to work through. Our focus groups show that this new freedom of play encourages our players to use the app for more extended periods of time to grow the clinical impact and improve their life skills along the way.

Visually observe wellbeing

We have changed how players can monitor their emotional wellbeing by giving them a more in-depth overview of our 5 Psychological Dimensions; Resilience, Depression, Anxiety, Interpersonal Relationships, and Personal Growth. Over time, users will be able to see their progress on what they are most interested in, and the results are represented visually using clinically validated scales. Just like you would track your steps on a smartwatch, our wellbeing monitor is a reliable source allowing you to follow your journey using visuals you are used to working within other areas of health.

Web version

We are so excited to announce that we now have a web version of eQuoo so that students can play alongside each other in a classroom setting or even discuss the game and the psychological skills in groups, which facilitates bonding and a deep understanding that peers most often share individual struggles. This feature has been heavily requested by our schools, who have suggested that having a desktop version will increase usability and that students will value sharing experiences of using the game with each other. With the launch of our desktop version, students can now have the choice to use the game in the privacy of their own mobile device or an educational group setting.

6 equoo updates

New designs

There have been updates in our UX and UI designs so that our game resonates more with our audience by providing a modern, sleek look. Our new look has made users more intrigued and engaged with the game and has encouraged them to spend more time working through the stories. The interface is built to be accessible, intuitive, and reflective of digital tools young people are using on a daily basis.

‘Real-life’ stories

Stories based on realistic situations have now been added to eQuoo. This means that players can now choose whether to work through an escapism book or a more representational theme. Our real-life stories use true narratives that have happened in multiple schools which we have given a fictional twist to in-keep with our gamified app. We are now driven to continue to produce real-world tales which are data-driven so we can get a clear understanding of what our audience is consuming and what they are interested in. This could also include making our current books trilogies if users find them relatable.

MIS integration

We now have the ability to integrate with MIS systems which allows us to provide a holistic overview of analytics. In turn, eQuoo is able to work with schools and flag which psychological traits students are struggling to work through the most.

A note from our CEO Silja Litvin

“Our latest update has been so much fun to work on, and I feel immense pride in watching eQuoo grow into something so beneficial to our audience. We have really followed our player's lead and implemented new and current gamification methods, which is exhilarating to witness. I am excited to see how our players will resonate with this new build that they have co-shaped along with our development team.”

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