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A Note from eQuoo

Purpose-built for students and staff in education, eQuoo is a team of psychologists, mental health advocates and creatives with a shared passion for improving the mental wellbeing of all students. Mental health is more relevant than ever, especially in young adults but getting support is costly, with long waiting times and associated stigma. That’s why we’ve built a state-of-the-art app, accessible at any time, with the most robust reporting system so that every student and staff member can build the best versions of themselves.

"We are here for your students  We understand the pressures and challenges Schools and Colleges face and the growing wellbeing interventions needed to support students. Our mission, via our clinically proven solutions, is to build the resilience and mental health of UK students, reducing interventions and helping them become the best versions of themselves. "


Tim Smith, Business Development Director

Personal Growth
Reduce Anxiety
Relationship Skills
Reduce Depression


Wellbeing and achievement is an integrated concept

Builds Resilience

eQuoo is designed to lower anxiety & depression and build resilience

Triage System

In-app triage system to direct students to the most suitable care


Backend access to robust analytics and insights

Cofounder, CEO & Psychologist


Silja Litvin photo

A clinical psychologist with years of experience providing counselling and therapy, including in the NHS NELFT mood and eating disorder division. Silja’s speciality is clinical psychology (depression and anxiety) and systemic psychology, the science of relationships.    

"Psychological skills are a human's mental toolbox, and I'm here to equip young adults."

Silja Litvin avatar

Cofounder & COO


Vanessa Hirsh-Angus photo

On the back of 17 years at AXA in global senior Leadership roles, Vanessa has significant health and wellbeing knowledge and wide-ranging, international business experience across multiple sectors, including Private Equity.

"Life has never been more complicated for young people. I’m passionate about finding ways for them to deal with those challenges  - to thrive, not just survive"

Vanessa Hirsh-Angus avatar


Meet the Team

Meet the talented and passionate team behind eQuoo! Our team is comprised of experienced professionals in the field of psychology, gaming, and technology. With their diverse backgrounds, our team members bring a unique perspective to the eQuoo project. From our developers, who work tirelessly to ensure that you're able to enjoy a seamless gaming experience, to our psychologists, who have lent their expertise to developing unique gamified tools that help people improve their emotional health and wellbeing, each member is committed to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of gaming for good. Get to know us better and join us on our exciting journey to revolutionise online gaming!



Anthony Lillyman photo

Business Development Director


Tim Smith photo

Lead Researcher


Philip Jefferies photo

Lead Unity Developer


Adeline Tushabe photo

Marketing Manager


Shree Magdani photo

Head of the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, UCL

Prof. Peter Fonagy

​Prof. Peter Fonagy photo
​Prof. Peter Fonagy avatar

Professor of Psychology and Head of the Research Unit Emotion and Motivation, LMU

Prof. Markus Maier

​Prof. Markus Maier photo
​Prof. Markus Maier avatar

Professor of Psychology, UCL

Prof. Steve Pilling

​Prof. Steve Pilling photo
​Prof. Steve Pilling avatar

Clinical Advisory Board

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