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College Students
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Created by Psychologists,

Built for Education

eQuoo is clinically proven to improve student emotional health by tapping into skills to boost the 5 most important dimensions through digital gaming
Personal Growth
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Reduce Anxiety
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Relationship Skills
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Reduce Depression
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Personal Growth
Reduce Anxiety
Relationship Skills
Reduce Depression

Change a student's life for less than 2p a day with eQuoo

Clinically Proven to Work in Just 5 Weeks


longer sessions than other wellbeing apps


higher retention rate than other mental help apps


students, teachers and professionals who have already trusted us


Wellbeing and achievement is an integrated concept

Builds Resilience

eQuoo is designed to lower anxiety & depression and build resilience

Triage System

In-app triage system to direct students to the most suitable care


Backend access to robust analytics and insights

Bespoke Triage System
Link to Internal Staff and Resources
Custom signposting for internal and external support
Intuitive Emotional Wellbeing Assessment for Appropriate Signposting
eQuoo is within the 2% of apps that are clinically proven to help users boost their mental wellbeing
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