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PsycApps: Elevating Mental Health Support in 2023

PsycApps Annual Report 2023

2023 was a landmark year for PsycApps as we continued our mission to provide accessible and engaging mental health support to students and adults. From exciting updates to our flagship app eQuoo to the launch of our new Resilience Training Programme and new research backing our clinical effectiveness, we made strides in elevating mental wellbeing.  

Read on for an overview of our year or download our full Annual Report below.

Clinically Proven Effectiveness 

This year studies re-confirmed eQuoo meaningfully reduces anxiety and depression while building resilience.

One saw young users' resilience soar over 3 months. Another showed how eQuoo worked to reduce university students' anxiety and depression.

This year we also optimised eQuoo's assessments behind the scenes to measure personal growth and resilience building more accurately than ever. You can read the full clinical research behind our teen mental health app here.

Revamping eQuoo for today's students

After diving deep into what students need and what engages them earlier this year, we were delighted to reveal eQuoo’s sleek new style created just for them. From the re-vamped interface to enhanced accessibility, we’re confident the new eQuoo resonates with what matters most in young people’s lives today. 

eQuoo in the classroom & tackling the issues that matter

Earlier this year we launched an intuitive web version allowing students to access eQuoo’s one-of-a-kind support wherever they need it – at home, in school, and everywhere in between! 

New stories have also been launched, inspired by the issues that are most relevant to students. Dealing with the consequences of risky behaviour, online and off, are tackled in Laid Bare and Street Smarts... and next year will see the launch of our new narrative around body dysmorphia.

eQuoo gives schools the data they need

Our new administrator portal lets schools privately monitor broader eQuoo usage trends, customise data views, and step in when red flags appear with students – all while keeping identities private.

Introducing the new Resilience Training Programme

What if resilience could be strengthened just like a muscle?

That’s the bright idea behind our new Resilience Training Programme, launched earlier this year. Developed by our team of clinical psychologists and the bounce-back experts at the Resilience Research Centre, this online course makes building new psychological techniques easy.

Through upbeat video lessons, lively interactive tools, and a simple step-by-step plan, The Resilience Training Programme covers everything from goal-setting and mindfulness when stressed, to mapping out personal support networks. It has everything you need to cultivate unstoppable resilience in educational settings and the workplace .

Resilience Training Programme for Education and Offices

What’s Next in 2024

After the milestones of 2023, we head into 2024 well-poised for another year of innovating and elevating our mental health offerings. 

We have a really exciting start to the year, which will see us partner with Activate Learning and NCG to launch the largest-ever clinical trial undertaken around student mental health. You can read the full Press Release here

More big news to come!

Fill in the form below for our full Annual Report and insights into our plans for 2024


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