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Resilience Training Programme
Curated by Psychologists, for you and your learners



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How can we help?

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Who is this programme made for?

This Resilience Training Programme is suitable for anyone, in any profession looking to improve their ability to cope with challenging personal or professional situations and bounce back from hardship and adversity.

The training contains clear, actionable steps for growth and continuing development. This programme can be used as a training tool or as part of a personal or professional development plan. 

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand why resilience is so important, for you, your team and/or your students 

  • Recognise when resiliences needs to be boosted with you, your team and/or your students

  • Understanding that positive mental health is a chapter within its own right that can make people’s lives bearable, even when they are experiencing mental illness. 

Topics covered in training

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