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Play, Learn, Grow.

Preventing poor mental health through early intervention

Clinically-proven to boost
student resilience and decrease levels of depression and anxiety in just 
teachers, students

5 weeks

Helping Secret Sufferers

Supporting students who have slipped through the net

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Builds Resilience

eQuoo is designed to build resilience and reduce anxiety and depression in just 5 weeks

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Custom Signposting

Custom in-app signposting to direct students to the most suitable care

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Reporting suite against all groups, SEN, Pupil Premium, Ethnicity and more

Why choose our student mental health app?

Primary & High Schools | Higher Education | Apprentices


7-16 year olds

with mental health disorders


17-24 year olds

with mental health disorders


17 year olds

reporting self-harm


 with mental health conditions get access to NHS care

Student mental health in the UK


Created by Psychologists

Built for Education

Bespoke Triage System

Link to Internal Staff and Resources

Custom signposting for internal and external support

Intuitive Emotional Wellbeing Assessment for Appropriate Signposting

Created by Psychologists

Built for Education

I have already learnt how to help control these negative thoughts, and as I play through more of the game, I look forward to learning about my own mental health and how to improve my thinking.The game has a wealth of knowledge and information, based on scientific study to help you improve your emotional and mental health.

I have never seen anything like this - what an amazing game. It's fun, educational and exciting. I learned some psychological tidbits that I actually used with my partner today. We solved our fight in no time!


App Store Review

Educational establishments across the UK have seen considerable growth in students requiring mental health support, partly due to the pandemic. We are providing a range of services to support these students, we recognise that eQuoo can help us to support students before they need that intervention.

Deputy Principal, Cambridge

This app has been a life changer for me on my mental health journey and I cannot recommend it enough! The engaging stories and avatar personalisation got me hooked and I find myself  constantly picking up my phone to play through another chapter.

App Store Review

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Join 500,000+ teachers, students, and professionals who have already discovered eQuoo


retained users stay for over 30 days



longer sessions than other wellbeing apps



higher retention rate than other mental help apps


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Who we are working with

Paragon Skills is an award-winning, Ofsted-rated ‘Good’, national apprenticeship provider inspiring over 7,000 learners annually and working with over 2000 businesses to deliver apprenticeships in a high-quality, consistent way. Paragon Skills partners with eQuoo as they recognise the emotional and mental health of their employees, and apprentices is of great importance to their personal growth and well-being.
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