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Our Mission

Our mission is to promote the wellbeing of people of all ages through our innovative and empowering digital solutions. 

By teaming up with schools, colleges, and workplaces, we strive to cultivate positive mindsets and create thriving communities.


Our vision is a future where everyone has the psychological tools to bounce back from adversity, connect meaningfully to others, and pursue their passions—a world where all individuals and organisations can flourish with purpose. 

Our Story

As a Clinical Psychologist who spent years providing counselling and therapy, co-founder (Dr.?) Silja Litvin found herself wishing that there were more effective mental health solutions for young people. One that could provide effective prevention, rather than waiting until there was a need for professional support.


With that in mind, she founded PsycApps with Vanessa Hirsch-Angus and started to develop our flagship teen mental health app, eQuoo . Since then, we've grown to incorporate a wealth of passionate and creative minds, from developers and

story-writers, to psychologists, customer support experts and a dedicated sales team. 


Together we work together towards our joint goal of making clinically-proven, effective mental health solutions accessible to all and we are here to support schools, colleges and workplaces to create a resilient and thriving mindset. 


Created by Psychologists

Built for Education

Bespoke Triage System

Link to Internal Staff and Resources

Custom signposting for internal and external support

Intuitive Emotional Wellbeing Assessment for Appropriate Signposting

Created by Psychologists

Built for Education

Our Team

Silja Litvin Co-Founder PsycApps
Vanessa Hirsch-Angus, Co-Founder PsycApps




Cofounder, CEO & Psychologist

A clinical psychologist with years of experience providing counselling and therapy, including in the NHS NELFT mood and eating disorder division. Silja’s speciality is clinical psychology (depression and anxiety) and systemic psychology, the science of relationships.    

Cofounder & COO

On the back of 17 years at AXA in global senior Leadership roles, Vanessa has significant health and wellbeing knowledge and wide-ranging, international business experience across multiple sectors, including Private Equity.   




Lead Researcher

Business Development Manager



Lead Unity Developer

Join 500,000+ teachers, students, and professionals who have already discovered eQuoo


retained users stay for over 30 days



longer sessions than other wellbeing apps



higher retention rate than other mental help apps


Modern Office

Who we are working with

Paragon Skills is an award-winning, Ofsted-rated ‘Good’, national apprenticeship provider inspiring over 7,000 learners annually and working with over 2000 businesses to deliver apprenticeships in a high-quality, consistent way. Paragon Skills partners with eQuoo as they recognise the emotional and mental health of their employees, and apprentices is of great importance to their personal growth and well-being.
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