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Reducing Student Absenteeism with eQuoo

Anxiety is the leading mental health issue among teenagers, with an estimated 1 in 3 adolescents diagnosed with anxiety disorder (38% of females, 26.1% of males). While widespread treatments like Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) are effective, treatments can be difficult to access with long waitlists. The sad part is that many CBT skills learned during treatment are highly effective in preventing mental illness, something all young people should have access to.

At eQuoo, we are committed to providing innovative solutions to tackle the growing mental health crisis in schools. Our approach is based on the principles of gamified psychology, utilising engaging and interactive tools to enhance emotional resilience, stress management, and interpersonal skills among students, as we believe the more young people have access to evidence-based tools like eQuoo, the more equipped they will be to deal with the mental and emotional blockers that keep them away from school.

We specialise in teaching psychological skills to boost resilience (the most significant factor in preventing mental illness) and prevent mental health issues like anxiety before they become problematic. We also promote skills for developing strong and healthy relationships as young adults struggle to build and maintain meaningful relationships. Another area we focus on involves personal development and fostering belief in growth and achievement.

Emilie, a sixth-form student at an all-girls secondary school in the outskirts of London, says one of her favourite skills in eQuoo is recognising and resisting Generalising Thoughts - a typical CBT exercise. If one girl in class didn’t like her, she recognises this is probably something to do with that girl and not her, and it doesn’t mean she’s generally unlikeable. Emilie says she struggles with anxiety from time to time, but it doesn’t stop her from going to class anymore out of fear of being ignored by her classmates.

Mo implements his eQuoo knowledge around Emotional Bids - a concept founded by legendary relationship researcher Dr. John Gottmann - daily. This skill involves understanding and responding to relationship cues, bidding for attention and connection. He likes to say how eQuoo helped him get his first serious girlfriend, but his tutors at college say they watch him implement his skills with them as well, something that makes them hopeful.

Key Components of Our Approach:

Gamified Learning: We believe that learning should be engaging and fun. Our platform incorporates gamification techniques to make mental health education enjoyable and memorable for students. eQuoo covers over 52 psychological skills in its interactive story-telling app.

Personalised Guidance: Every student is unique, and their mental health needs differ. eQuoo offers personalised guidance and interventions, ensuring students receive support tailored to their specific challenges.

Accessibility: We understand the need for accessible mental health resources. Our platform is designed to be easily integrated into schools, making it accessible to many students through mobile or desktop.

Teacher Training: We believe in equipping educators with the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively support their students' mental health. Our resilience training programmes empower teachers to recognise signs of distress and provide appropriate guidance.

Data-Driven Insights: eQuoo's platform generates valuable data insights that schools and parents can use to track the mental health progress of students. This data-driven approach allows for early intervention and continuous improvement.

The Way Forward:

eQuoo is committed to working alongside educational institutions, parents, and students to enhance schools’ support for mental health and wellbeing. We believe implementing innovative and engaging solutions can prevent high absence levels from becoming the new norm. Together, we can create a brighter and more mentally resilient future for our students.

We invite schools and educational stakeholders to explore eQuoo's possibilities for building a healthier and more supportive learning environment.



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