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PsycApps Exhibits at BETT 2023, Partnering with ViewSonic

London, UK - 3rd April, 2023 - PsycApps, founders of the clinically-proven mental wellbeing app, eQuoo, exhibited at the BETT Show 2023 as a proud partner of ViewSonic, a leading global provider of visual solutions.

PsycApps showcased its groundbreaking, clinically-proven app, which uses gamification to help individuals build resilience and improve their mental health. Through interactive stories and engaging gameplay, eQuoo teaches essential life skills, including building resilience, decreasing depression and anxiety, emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and conflict resolution.

"Partnering with ViewSonic has been a great opportunity to showcase eQuoo's ability to transform mental health and emotional intelligence through clinically proven gamification to a wider audience," said Silja Litvin, founder and CEO of eQuoo. "Our solution offers a unique and fun approach to mental wellbeing education, and we are excited to have been able to share this with the BETT community."

Both PsycApps and ViewSonic share a common goal of using technology to improve education and learning outcomes. PsycApps’ emotional fitness game, eQuoo is designed to help people build resilience, emotional intelligence, and mental wellbeing, which aligns perfectly with ViewSonic's mission to provide innovative solutions that inspire and empower people to achieve their full potential.

"We're excited about the future of eQuoo and the positive impact our solution can have on people's lives," said Litvin. “We look forward to continuing our partnership with ViewSonic and love the combination of software and hardware bringing positive mental health into the classrooms - media that’s good for learners.”

The eQuoo team also announced the launch of their science-backed Resilience Training Programme, curated by psychologists, built for staff. “We are committed to developing a comprehensive ecosystem that can be used in various settings, including schools, workplaces, and healthcare settings, not only for students but for staff too.”

The event was an excellent opportunity for eQuoo to connect with educators and schools from around the world and showcase how the app can be integrated into educational settings to improve resilience and decrease anxiety and depression.

About PsycApps:

Built by Psychologists, PsycApps’ innovative ecosystem has been curated to help students, young adults and workforces to build resilience and improve their mental health through engaging and interactive learning backed by science.

About ViewSonic:

ViewSonic is a leading provider of visual solutions for education, enterprise, and home markets. With more than 30 years of experience in visual display technology, ViewSonic offers a wide range of solutions, including projectors, monitors, interactive displays, and digital signage. The company is committed to providing innovative, high-quality products that enhance the way people work, learn, and communicate.


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