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PsycApps Announces the Results of a Large-Scale Randomised Controlled Trial

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

[London, 26th July 2023] - PsycApps, a leading provider of evidence-based gamified mobile mental health solutions, is thrilled to announce the release of groundbreaking results from a large-scale Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) investigating the impact of their app, eQuoo, on resilience and mental health in a student population. This study represents a significant step forward in understanding the potential benefits of gamified interventions for mental health.

The RCT, conducted by a team of international researchers, assessed the effects of eQuoo on a diverse student population of 180 Universities UK-wide over a period of several weeks. The results showcased the positive impact of the eQuoo app on resilience and mental health, providing a ray of hope for individuals facing various mental health challenges, but mainly on prevention, providing a barrier for mental illness in a vulnerable population.

"We are thrilled with the trial results, as they reinforce our belief in the power of gamification and mobile technology to transform mental health outcomes," said Silja Litvin, CEO and Co-founder of eQuoo. "By leveraging engaging storytelling and evidence-based techniques, eQuoo empowers individuals to build resilience, manage stress, and develop essential emotional skills. We are proud to offer a solution that is both proven effective and accessible to a wide range of young adults."

The trial involved 1,165 participants being randomly allocated to the use of eQuoo, another non-gamified mental health app, or a waitlist. Over the course of five weeks, compared to their starting point, students using eQuoo demonstrated significantly increased levels of resilience (as measured by the Rugged Resilience Measure), as well as lower levels of depression (measured by the Patient Health Questionnaire-8) and anxiety (Generalized Anxiety Disorder 7). They also demonstrated significantly better resilience and lower depression and anxiety scores compared to users of the other app and the waitlist.

Testimonials from young adults using the eQuoo app further illustrate the positive impact on mental health:

  • "eQuoo has been a game-changer for me. It helped me develop coping strategies for stress and anxiety, and the gamified approach made it fun and engaging."

  • "I struggled with confidence and self-esteem, but eQuoo helped me build resilience and discover my strengths. It's like having a personal coach in my pocket!"

  • "eQuoo is more than just a game; it's a tool for personal growth and mental wellness. It helped me develop emotional intelligence and improve my overall mental health."

The positive feedback and transformative experiences shared by participants in the trial align with a recent blog post by Paragon Skills, an apprenticeship training provider. The blog highlights the journey of an apprentice who played eQuoo for five weeks and its profound impact on their mental health and personal development.

This milestone achievement would not have been possible without the support of Morningside, a leading global investment firm. Their funding has enabled eQuoo to conduct this groundbreaking research and continue innovating in the mobile mental health solutions field.

eQuoo is committed to further expanding its research and reaching more individuals needing mental health support. With these remarkable trial results, they are well-positioned to continue making a positive difference in users' lives.

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About eQuoo

eQuoo is a pioneering provider of gamified mobile mental health solutions that blends psychoeducation and evidence-based techniques to promote emotional wellbeing and resilience. The app utilises interactive storytelling and engaging gameplay to empower users to develop essential emotional skills and improve their mental health. With a commitment to accessibility and effectiveness, eQuoo aims to transform mental health support and provide a lifeline to individuals seeking personal growth and emotional wellness.

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